the radio

“What’s this about a radio…?”

tl;dr it’s not a real radio.

It’s a call-back–or is it a throw-back? whatever–to something I used to include at the end of every blog post I wrote on this site. After sharing a review or a piece of original fiction, I’d include a short section detailing what podcast episode or audiobook I was listening to at the time, and what I liked about it. Sometimes the book or episode would be relevant to what I was writing about, but most of the time the only commonality was that I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it.

I don’t really bother doing that anymore, but I had always intended to put together a recommended listening page, just on the off-chance that my small corner of the internet turned out to be someone’s introduction to the horror, weird, or speculative fiction genres. As it turns out, I’m going to need a couple of different lists to accomplish this.